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Simone Dutton is an illustrator and designer. She has partnered with small start-ups and well known brands to create memorable graphic designs for the likes of Tommee Tippee, Cocobella Kids, Queen Victoria and South Melbourne Markets. Simone has also worked in house for companies designing logos, signage, corporate documents and books.

Simone knows designs make a difference; designs connect, engage, build and challenge. As a freelance graphic designer based in Melbourne with over 20 years under her belt, Simone creates designs that are distinctive and effective, she knows what makes a design leader and she applies that to every logo, illustration and packaging design she gets her hands on.

Simone loves creating designs that have impact and individuality. She’s a creator by nature, a design addict, so coming up with designs that pack (shelf) presence and beg to be picked up is easy for her. Simone’s vibrant, illustrative style partners well with FMCG especially children’s, beauty, food and beverage categories. Her clean modern approach means that corporate, real estate, financial and other service related business get the designs they need to support the business’ strategies and objectives.


Whether your project needs a logo or a complete brand review, a small brochure or large-scale signage, a simple illustration or an entire illustrated cook book, Simone will inject personality and fun into your design to get you looking sweet -  without the calories.


Sugarfree Design services:

Graphic design

Logo design


Branding review and revamp


Character design

Business card design

Stationery design

Brochure design

Catalogue design

Poster design

Invitation design

Packaging design

Point-of-sale design

Signage design


Website layout design

Social media branding

Facebook page branding

Instagram page branding

Twitter page branding


To refine your design and help grow your business, drop Simone a line at

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